Halloween Throwbacks!

Slutty Ben McAdoo? A-whaaa.

Here's how it started, back in October 2015:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.47.18 PM.png

It was supposed to be a joke, but it made me laugh. So I DID IT. BOOM. LIFE CHOICES.

Then October 2016:

 Again. Meant to be an LOL. But then..

Again. Meant to be an LOL. But then..

 #CanBoneWillBone AMIRITE.

#CanBoneWillBone AMIRITE.

Pics from Improv at The Clubhouse 10/11/17

Matt Flanzer and I did a two-prov set at the bi-weekly show Coconut Club at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. It was so fun. The kinda show where you walk out and spin in circles like they do in Disney movies and you don't expect your body would ever do that without prompts, but there it goes. Just spinning in circles and not getting dizzy. That kinda fun.



I just spent five weeks in Europe. I, like, ~*~found myself~*~. So much eating and praying and loving, you know?  Definitely look at my instagram for good pics (@lauramcdonald43). And stay tuned for many upcoming projects and writing things I am doing!

Lurve lurve lurve.


More pics from The Epilogue

The Epilogue, a dark comedy short film, to be released later this year! More pics just posted from photographer Daniel Pierce!

Musical Improv at the Clubhouse!

My musical improv team, The Moaning Myrtles, did some musprov at the Clubhouse. I made some WEIRD faces. Singing songs with friends on a stage makes me the happiest. Life is magic. Here's some proof:


Upcoming Shows!

May 9 @ 9p, Improv Space, Westwood (musical improv!)
May 13 @ 530p, UCB Franklin, Hollywood (musical improv!)
May 19 @ 10p, The Open Space, WeHo (improv!)
May 22 @ 930pm, The Clubhouse, Los Feliz (musical improv!)
May 24 @ 9p, The Clubhouse, Los Feliz (musical improv!)
June 14 @ 10p, Groundlings Main Stage (improv!)

Sally Hansen Commercial

Sally Hansen flew Laura out to NY to film a commercial in early September for their new ManiMatch app that matches your skin tone to perfect shades in the Sally Hansen line! Check out the app on your iPhone, and check out the commercial on YouTube HERE!

October Stand Up Schedule!

Check it check it:

Friday, 10/16 @ 730pm. The Federal Bar (upstairs stage). $12 cover (say 'Laura discount' at the door) and NO minimum - full bar! on Lankershim in North Hollywood

Monday, 10/19 @ 830pm. Haha Comedy Club. This is an awesome contest. You can buy tickets from me (its a donation to me, at least $1) - then you vote to move comics through the rounds and pick a winner! on Lankershim in North Hollywood