Everything is happening in 2015

I have to be better about updating this blog because so many amazing things are happening in the land of Laura McDonald.

  • My writing partner, Beth Coyle, and I have written, directed, produced, and starred in our first short film. It's called The Breakup (original!) and will be completed next week! We have a screening January 13th at 7pm in Hollywood. Email for details.
  • I am currently editing two Woman-On-The-Street / Sketch videos in response to #themandyproject who is mid-30-day dating project for plentyoffish.com - they will be posted by Valentine's Day as well!
  • The two videos will be the first videos on my new YouTube channel with Beth - you will soon be able to find us at youtube.com/fineiloveyoubye
  • Next week I am set to film two sketches about love & dating for BeastEntertainment.com
  • I am moving!

Stay tuned!!!